Improv Generosity Workshop

September 28th 10am to 1pm @ the Olympia Center Rm #103
222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA

With Daniel Knutson-Bradac.

improv partners

Making Each Other Look Good Is one of the golden keys to Improv Ease. If you can stop worrying about your own performance and give all of your attention to your partner, you will be sure to stay focused on everything that is being said on stage instead of getting lost in thought about the infinite possibilities of what might happen next. Another thing to do is to let everything your partner does affect you. At that moment their character is the most wonderful/irritating/attractive/sad thing in the world to you. If your character finds their character the most interesting/important person in the world, the audience will too. If you’re focusing on the scene instead of yourself, you’re automatically making your partner look good.

The practice of listening, curiosity and attentiveness to your partner will make you a much better improviser quickly. As a side benefit, It will also make you a much better partner in your relationship. When you focus on your partner and stop worrying about yourself, improvising becomes so much easier and more fun.

How? Come to this three hour workshop and learn how to follow the follower, balance your status with your partner and wake up to all the gifts they are offering you intentionally and unintentionally. The result of this work is beautiful to watch.

You should have already taken a beginning improv class to register for this workshop.

Daniel Knutson-Bradac, has been teaching improvisation in Olympia for more than two decades and has studied with British impro pioneer Keith Johnstone, Chicago improviser and master teacher, David Razowsky and Happier Valley's wonderful Pam Victor,  among others.