Free workshops for non-profits

Improv can teach you and your organization how to fully engage and collaborate. Improv shows us how to take risks and motivate others; how to tell the story, promote the idea and and adapt to change as it happens. When you bring the lessons of improvisation to your life and work, you gain fun, laughter and learning. We offer free services to non-profit organizations and referrals to the best applied improvisation resources for businesses and government agencies.

How can we help?

We listen to what you want to accomplish and suggest solutions that will help you and your partners meet the challenges of changing priorities and relationships. We can design sessions that are experiential and open the door to new possibilities in your organizational life. . Call us at 360-481-5989 to discuss your goals.

1/2 Hour Presentations

We present a brief introduction to the ideas that make improvisation so useful in work and life. We even give you a chance to experience it without leaving your seats! This is a great way to dip your toe in the waters of improv. Perfect for lunch sessions, panel discussions and more.

Half Day Workshops

Whether you are a business, a community organization or a group of friends, our half-day improvisation workshop offers a half-day session of learning, laughter and fun. You'll learn through exercises and games designed to demonstrate the power of Yes and the joy of spontaneity. You don't need to be an actor or comedian. You don't need to be funny. All you need to do is listen to each other and play.

You will leave with a new appreciation of each others' gifts and a roadmap on how to use the power of improv in your life and your work. All of this while laughing for 4 hours!

Community of Practice Worshops

Medical Improv? Legal Improv? Improv for hikers? massage therapists? How might improv work for you?

Public Workshops

From time to time, the Conspiracy holds open public workshops. Our first is a workshop for Couples to bring play, laughter and deep listening to their relationships.  Full details and registration information coming to this site soon.


The YesAnd conspiracy also holds ongoing classes in the art of improvisation. See our Classes Page for more information on times and places.