Fall 2017Class Offerings

Intro to Improv starts in September

Get your toes wet in the wonderful world of improv. Discover the joy of saying Yes, the power of saying And, and the life changing fun of making your partner look good.
Registration Opens in August. Call Call  Olympia Parks and ask to register for the Improv Fundamentals class.  360.753.8380.

Level 2 Improv starts again in October

If you've been introduced to the ideas that make improv work, you may be ready for the next level. This class runs Mondays for 6 weeks and you'll get a healthy introduction to " long form" improv scene work and several key "short form improv" games.  We'll focus on "improvease" and explore how truth is funnier than fabrication.
Registration opens in August. Call  Olympia Parks to register.  360.753.8380. to register.