Improv Fundamentals this June!

Learn to play again! The ideas that make improvisation work, make life work.  It is all about listening deeply to your partner, saying yes and the fun of creating a new reality out of thin air. Join us for a no-stress exploration of play and divergent thinking. 4 weeks of fun on Monday evenings from 7 - 9 pm.  Reservations now open at: Experience it On-Line You can Call Oly Parks and Arts to sign up at  360.753.8380

Intro to Improv Class Resources@

Intermediate Improv returns in the fall

If you've already been introduced to the basic concepts of improv, this is the class for you. Learn the joy of creating real relationship based scenes out of thin air and the connection with your partner  (5 classes total). Register now at 360.753.8380.

Improv Coaching to break through or jump forward!

If you are feeling stuck, schedule some small group coaching to work on the specific areas blocking your progress. Or, you may want some coaching to jump forward to the next level. Send an email to Daniel to schedule some time.