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what you brought to our faculty retreat was timely and effective. THANK YOU. Your energy and focus really made it work. I especially liked how you did not burden the process with a lot of explanation, etc., and just let the experience be the teacher and guide.
Richard L. Brandt-Kreutz, MA, MSW
Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency

I have had the good fortune to learn improv from Daniel over the last couple years. He has been an inspiration to me and Improv has been a form of therapy. Rarely do I have the chance to take risks and laugh at my self with such mirth!  Daniel is a generous teacher and collaborator. He is astonishingly creative, talented and patient. A class with Daniel is exciting, challenging and a the same time a long cool drink of water and a warm hug.
Annie Cubberly, Executive Director
Child Care Action Council

"I used the improv skills and games Daniel and Kari taught me many times during my career as a customer service manager. The Yes-And rule helped me stay positive in meetings and truly listen to what others were saying. Improv games make interesting ice-breakers. One of my best memories is getting a couple of auditors and my own staff to play Ah-So-Ka after our lunch break, prior to resuming a particularly tedious and worrisome audit. There was a lot of laughter and it set a great tone for the afternoon."
Jim Rainwood

YesAnd Conspiracy? Adjectives that come to mind are skewed, uncomfortable, intriguing, and suspicious hilarity. Daniel comes prepared, pockets filled with all of it. Be prepared to take the leap, but be assured that the jump is only out of the first floor window. No one gets hurt. Everyone has a great time and will be talking about the experience for days. I know. I’ve taken the leap many times and can seriously say I’ve been changed for the better, I’d say). Daniel is a great teacher, instigator, provides in-flight entertainment, and a soft landing.
Mary Carlson April 7, 2014

Both of us have studied improv with Daniel for years. We both found his teaching promotes collaboration, inclusion, mutual respect, and fun. If you have the opportunity to play with Daniel you are guaranteed positive and productive experience.
We have played with Kari doing improv for years. She brings to the practice, warmth, spontaneity and great facilitative skills. Kari is welcoming and warm. She will teach you about the power of saying, "yes".
Lynne Stockwell and Evan Ferber.

As a mental health therapist who is also a chronic perfectionist and workaholic, I signed up for improv class thinking I would have some fun and to get away from being in my work-brain. To my surprise, I found that and so much more... First, I have learned to be in the moment and respond to what is in front of me - this has helped me not only enjoy life more, but has made me a better therapist as well. Second, I ended up finding a love of play, being silly, learning to use my physical space and to get out of my overthinking head more often. Finally, I have found a new group of friends who I get to do this with on a regular basis. And making friends as a grown-up is hard work! Daniel was the core of this for me. He is an knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher and coach, who is infinitely patient and fun to do scenes with to boot! It took me a long time (several years) to get to a point where I was willing to perform improv and Daniel stayed the course with me. I really owe him a debt of gratitude for all of the wonderful things he has taught me. I highly encourage everyone to try improv - there are so many other lessons to learn!!
Jenise Gogan

Once was not enough! I enjoyed my first set of improvisational classes under the direction of Daniel Knutson-Bradac so much that when the opportunity to sign up for more came, I eagerly did so. Mr. Knutson-Bradac has a genuine sense of belief in the power of improvisation. With his years of experience in the field, his imparting of techniques and games to us the participants, I found myself led to the place of joy and discovery that improv has to offer. Affirmation and empowerment of a "yes and...." perspective opened possibilities I hadn't thought of before
Nancy Keeran

Daniel, Thank you so much! Your class is so much fun. For me, the impact goes way beyond our class time. I find myself watching for ways to bring a more playful, spontaneous, open self to other parts of my day. You are a great teacher.
Katy Lehman, M.Ed., ASC, LMHC, RYT

About Daniel

Daniel Knutson-Bradac is an improvisation teacher and performer. He has studied  improvisation with Keith Johnstone, David Razowsky, Pam Victor, Matt Smith and others and has studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood, California. He is a member of the Collaborators Improvisation Theatre Group and has taught improvisation in Olympia for the last 12 years. He's also a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and attended international conferences in Banff, San Francisco, Montreal, Austin and Portland.